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How It All Began...

Hi my name is Kay I'm an outspoken, fun filled, Puerto Rican Born, New Jersey raised strong minded woman and Take A Whisk has been a long time in the making. Everyday is a new change and things learned. I hold a degree in graphic design and I did design for many years. I'm an artist first, I can draw, sculpt and paint. So how did I get into this crazy field that I love so much?


 It re-started honestly with my daughter. Cake design wasn't as popular as it is today. I wanted to find a beautiful cake for my daughters first birthday but the local bakery wasn't offering custom tiered cakes. I still did get two separate delicious cakes. That got me thinking maybe I can try to start baking again. Trust me it wasn't easy. I paid for online classes, searched everything from google to YouTube. Took in person classes with some wonderful pastry artist. I definitely worked for bakeries that showed me how to run and not run a business. One thing is I keep learning something new everyday. I now have been baking since 2014 and don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

make everything from scratch, cake, sponge, buttercream, curds etc., I put quality above quantity. I design everything from standard everyday cakes to custom wedding, party and sculpted cakes. I do dabble with cupcakes and cookies but where I shine is my custom cakes. I love them, they are my love letter to the world. It isn't just cake with me. It's a special memory, an important center piece to a special party because after all, a party without cake is just a sad meeting.

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